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Avari Cups

Avari Cups LLC specializes in crafting a diverse range of products including a variety of fruity ice cups and savory boiled peanuts, catering to a wide demographic of consumers seeking quality, refreshing beverages and tasty snacks.

The business operates from a central location in Tampa and also deploys mobile units at major events, theme parks, and public schools.

Avari Cups LLC prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering unique flavor combinations, exceptional service, and a memorable beverage experience.

Avari Cups LLC is a vibrant and inventive fruity ice cups and savory boiled peanuts company located in Tampa, Florida. It aims to provide a distinctive and revitalizing beverage experience to locals and tourists.

Avari Cups LLC is seeking funding to build and grow its business, with a strategic emphasis on forming partnerships with key local organizations such as the Florida State Fair, Raymond James Stadium, Florida theme parks, Hillsborough County Public Schools, and others. The company strives to be a top supplier of premium slushy drinks in Tampa, using strategic partnerships to expand its influence and appeal to a wide range of customers.